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Return to Wholeness, a four-week online group healing opportunity, and my offering to you.  In this experiential workshop, you will be supported in identifying and moving through emotional and physical challenges that create congestion and blocks to what we are really longing for in life.


Return to Wholeness is a place of connection with Self and with like-minded others. Working at the intersection of depth psychology and Yin yoga, you will begin to understand how life experiences can impact our sense of who we are, how we feel, and our connection to the world.


Return to Wholeness supports a return to restoration and connection with Self.  All of your parts are welcome.

Return to Wholeness is an experiential workshop designed for individuals curious about Yin yoga and how it can support the release of anything less than nurturing held in the body, mind, and spirit. As we begin to understand how less-than-nurturing experiences get stored in our bodies, we can use Yin yoga to relieve stress and tension with a goal of restoration, vitality, and present moment experience.  Creating space and capacity to hold more parts of self.


An invitation to join… To breathe… To just be…




Stability, Groundedness, Stillness

​Vital Organ: Spleen

​Divine Abode:  METTA

YIN:  Repair

​Connect with Earth



Vision, Accountability, Balance

Vital Organ: Liver

Divine Abode: KSHAMA

YIN: Detox

Connect with Wood


Connectedness, Impermanence, Transition

Vital Organ:  Heart/Lungs

Divine Adobe: MUDDITA

YIN:  Expansion and Breath

Connect with Fire: Cacao and release ceremony


Emotion, Subconscious, Rest

Vital Organ: Kidney

Divine Abode: KARUNA

YIN: Restoration

Connect with Water





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Susanne Goldstein, LPC



I’m Susanne, a Licensed Professional Counselor, in the state of Arizona and Colorado. My private practice is called Mariposa Healing Center and over the last 20 years, I’ve assisted people in their own healing and developing authentic connections with “Self”. I’ve worked with a large variety of age groups and have a background in developmental and complex trauma, family systems, attachment, and cognitive-behavioral theoretical perspectives. I believe that all persons deserve an opportunity to heal.


In addition to my clinical education and background, I have a passion for yoga. I have witnessed firsthand the deep healing that can occur through the mind and body as a result of practicing yin. I feel eager to combine my love of yoga with my professional knowledge and invite you to my 4 weeks long virtual group coaching course, Return to Wholeness: Utilizing The Elements & Yin Yoga. This course is open to all and requires no previous knowledge, beginners are encouraged!   


My holistic and experiential approach incorporates mind/body treatment and takes into consideration how lifelong experiences affect how we show up in the present.  I’m excited to guide you to look at what gets in your way of living a life of authenticity and freedom.  Life should be about freedom, possibilities, and always hope.  I believe in treating the root, healing the brain/body so that you can live in truth and acceptance of yourself.  Healing is about recovering your true self.  Will you join me as I guide you towards a Return to Wholeness? 



In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are five elements, the yin yoga 5 elements, that are integral to all life.


These elements arise out of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang represent the female and male energies from which all things in the universe are generated. Yin is dark, cool, passive, feminine, moist, and quiet. Yang is dry, hot, and active. Yin is the moon, reflective and deep. Yang is the sun, bright, masculine, and strong.


Both Yin and Yang regulate all life on earth and reflect a deep understanding of natural law, the Universal order underlying all things in our world. 


They give birth to cosmic energy and it is this that manifests all existence. The universal energy of life undergoes five stages of transformation. The five stages of transformation are known as elements. The Yin Yoga 5 elements are –

–Earth, Water, Wood, Fire, Metal


This is for the person who is struggling with feelings of pain and suffering.
  • disconnection from self and others

  • feeling emotional depravity or unable to connect to the emotional world within oneself

  • sadness, depression, anxiety, uncertainty 

  • unmotivated, lost

  • craving connection & community

What does someone need to believe in order to take the course? 
  • trust Susanne as a facilitator

  • that Yin can heal 

  • that they are worthy of the investment (time, energy, money)

  • that we are connected to the elements/ nature

  • that this will be a safe space for vulnerability and deep healing

How will someone feel during the course
  • supported/held

  • safe container will be created to just be

After the course
  • more space, capacity to hold more parts of self.

  • a deeper understanding of how trauma is held in the body and how yin can support release and a return to wholeness

  • confident

  • inspired

  • compassionate

What’s Included?
  • 4 weeks of Group Coaching (We will meet one time per week for 90 minutes)

  • Yin yoga recommendations

  • live online class, questions, journaling

  • therapy healing techniques

  • exploring the longing and what might be in the way of what the heart desires

  • a community of other like-minded individuals

  • manual

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"The most pronounced noticing throughout the four-week process was a shift in both my mindset and felt sense around rest, my need for rest not as a luxury but as a critical part of my healing journey.


My favorite part of a Return to Wholeness was Susanne‘s guided mindfulness and meditation while deepening into the poses.


The process of holding the poses for extended periods of time, the journaling, the assignments, the meditations, help me to touch into what is most important for me. The external outwardly focus, busyness, and demands of life are ultimately a distraction. 

This journey allowed me to drop into the whole of my being and connect with myself in the present moment. I also noticed that for the four weeks of this journey I had a significant amount of excitement, hope and my fear subsided.


I would highly recommend Return to Wholeness and I plan to attend the next scheduled one!”


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Susanne Goldstein, LPC,NCC | | 480-771-5400 


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